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Harlequin Project Demand June 2015 from Regulatory Legal News on Vimeo.

Project Demand

 We have hosted a private client on site on www.projectdemand.ning.com. 


Regulatory Legal are dealing with a large number of Harlequin investors who have made their investments in different ways and we are committed to trying to assist as many investors as we possibly can. To do this, we have teamed up with a number of partners who have specialist expertise in particular types of claims and who may be able to assist you on certain aspects of your potential claim.  More information on how the different types of investment claims can be pursued is set out in the attached documents. 

You may have several investments, or investments which fall into more than one category, for instance you may have separate claims against both your SIPP Provider and your financial adviser, or against your financial/mortgage adviser and your sales agent.

If you received advice from Birchall Blackburn or Grace & Co Solicitors please contact Rebecca Handley on 01384 889 900.

If you wish this Firm or one of our specialist partners to consider your matter further, please complete and return the applicable  forms together with all documents requested.




The opinions on here are just that, opinions.  To provide legal advice, we need to be instructed and fully appraised of your position.

Guidance is all we can provide here. For advice, please contact us.

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